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3 ways Personal Branding Can Boost Your Startup with Tips

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As an entrepreneur starting out with a new business idea or venture, you may feel like having to compete against established brands and corporations. However, what most startups fail to realize is that personal branding is one of the most effective yet under-utilized strategies to gain visibility and traction in the early stages.

Priyanshu Jasaiwal, a marketing enthusiast and an agency owner, understands the importance of a Personal Brand when it comes to growing your Startup. He has successfully led social media strategies for several clients all over the globe through his Marketing Agency Beonwey. With a track record of 75+ projects and driving over 2 million impressions online, he knows what resonates with communities. In this article, Priyanshu shares 3 key ways personal branding can power up your startup and tips to build a Personal Brand online.

A strong Personal Brand complements your company’s brand by humanizing it and making it more relatable. When customers buy into your vision and story as a founder, it makes them feel more inclined to support your aim. In today’s digital world where social media plays a vital role, establishing a personal brand through your online presence can help get your startup noticed.

Here are 3 key ways personal branding can power up your startup journey:

  1. Build Credibility and Trust

When people connect with you as the leader driving the vision behind the startup, they tend to feel more confident investing their time, attention or money into your business idea. A polished personal brand displays your expertise, experience and passion to potential customers, partners and investors. It acts as a social proof to gain credibility and establish you as a thought leader in your industry niche. As the founder, crafting an impressive personal image can add significantly to your startup’s perceived reputation and trustworthiness from the get-go.

  • Build a Community and Boost Conversion

Building an engaged following on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or X (formerly known as Twitter) allows you to develop your personal community and gain early advocates for your startup. As you consistently share value-driven content related to your business idea and domain expertise, these connections become loyal brand ambassadors who spread the word organically. Their social endorsement has a big impact on converting casual audience into paying customers or subscribers. Personal branding enables micro-influencing right from the concept stage of your venture.

  • Attract Strategic Partnerships and Deals

With an optimized personal brand touching the right networks, you gain access to prospective partners, vendors, collaborators and investors much earlier than established brands. Particularly in a crowdfunding campaign or for funding rounds, a founder’s personal story plays a crucial role in closing deals. Business partnerships are often preceded by establishing individual rapport and credibility. Your digital presence through blog posts, videos, and profiles on expert directories helps you get introduced to this community for valuable synergies critical for a startup.

This is where Priyanshu Jasaiwal, Entrepreneur and Founder of Beonwey Creative Marketing Agency, comes into the picture. Through strategies focused on thought leadership, industry authority and valuable content creation, he has helped many startup founders craft robust personal brands leading to increased sales, funding and strategic opportunities.

Key Tips to grow your personal brand from:

  • Optimize your social profiles with a consistent visual brand identity, clear bio and compelling introduction highlighting your expertise and startup idea.
  • Produce share-worthy, educational posts at least 2-3 times a week across platforms. Prioritize quality over quantity.
  • Engage proactively with your network by commenting, sharing others’ content and starting conversations in relation to your business niche. Genuine engagement leads to organic following growth.
  • Consider platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter for B2B networking and credibility. Leverage Instagram stories and videos for personality-driven storytelling.
  • Guest post on authority blogs and speak at virtual events/webinars to position yourself as a domain expert. Curate and share your contributions on social media.
  • Measure engagement rates and follower growth monthly to analyze traction. Refine strategies leveraging data-driven insights.
  • Stand out from the crowd by sharing real value through long-form blogs, ebooks, or guides on your website or social profiles.

To learn directly from Priyanshu’s experience of crafting award-winning personal brands that scaled new businesses, you can check his popular social media profiles ( Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) where he shares FREE Marketing strategies & trends. Staying consistent with quality personalized content spreads your message far and wide for the startup community.

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