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RAS Lifestyle: A New Era of Fashion Unveiled in India on September 14, 2023, by Shubham Singh and Ananya Rai

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New Delhi, India – September 14, 2023 – India’s fashion landscape is poised for a royal and sophisticated transformation as RAS Lifestyle, the brainchild of renowned entrepreneur Shubham Singh, makes its grand debut today. The brand is set to redefine the college fashion scene, offering an unparalleled blend of luxury, elegance, and trendsetting style.

Shubham Singh, a celebrated Indian entrepreneur with a track record of successful startups such as VD Hosts and HostClub, joins hands with co-founder Ananya Rai to bring RAS Lifestyle to life. Their vision is to provide fashion-conscious college students and young adults with a clothing line that exudes an aura of royalty and sophistication.

RAS Lifestyle – Redefining Fashion Excellence

The essence of RAS Lifestyle is encapsulated in its commitment to delivering high-quality apparel that reflects the wearer’s unique style. The brand’s offerings are tailored to cater to the discerning tastes of young fashion enthusiasts, ensuring they stand out in every crowd.

“RAS Lifestyle is more than just a clothing brand; it’s a statement of individuality,” said Shubham Singh, co-founder. “We are passionate about empowering our customers to express themselves through their fashion choices, and our meticulously curated collection is a testament to that commitment.”

Ananya Rai, co-founder and CEO, added, “Our journey with RAS Lifestyle has been driven by the desire to create fashion that is both accessible and aspirational. We want our customers to feel like royalty when they wear our designs, regardless of their budget.”

International Inspiration, Indian Roots

RAS Lifestyle draws inspiration from international fashion trends while staying true to its Indian heritage. The brand’s eclectic range includes clothing, accessories, and footwear, all designed to elevate the wearer’s style quotient. From casual daywear to elegant evening ensembles, RAS Lifestyle offers a diverse array of options.

Launch Celebrations

To mark its launch, RAS Lifestyle is hosting a series of exclusive launch events and collaborations with influencers, fashion bloggers, and college communities across India. The brand intends to engage with its target audience and foster a sense of community around its fashion movement.

Join the Fashion Royalty

As RAS Lifestyle graces the Indian fashion scene, it invites everyone to join the fashion royalty. Discover your inner elegance, embrace your sophistication, and make a statement with RAS Lifestyle’s exquisite collection.

For more information about RAS Lifestyle and its products, visit the official website at www.ras-lifestyle.com.

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Follow RAS Lifestyle on Instagram: @RASLifestyle

About RAS Lifestyle:
RAS Lifestyle is an international clothing and apparel brand founded by Shubham Singh and Ananya Rai. Launched in September 2023, RAS Lifestyle aims to provide college students and young adults with fashion that embodies royalty and sophistication. With a diverse range of clothing, accessories, and footwear, RAS Lifestyle is set to redefine fashion in India and beyond.

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