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Remo D’Souza did not listen to his wife, wife gave him a hard time in the bedroom, everything recorded in the video

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Remo D’Souza, the renowned Bollywood choreographer and director, has recently shared a hilarious video on Instagram featuring his wife, Lizelle D’Souza. In the video, Lizelle can be seen getting angry and playfully pushing Remo off the bed. This amusing incident between the couple was captured on camera and has quickly gone viral on social media platforms. Let’s delve into the details of this funny moment and explore the reactions it has received from fans.

Remo D’Souza and Lizelle’s Bedroom Antics

Remo D’Souza took to his Instagram handle to share a light-hearted video that showcases a candid moment between him and his wife, Lizelle. In the video, the couple is seen peacefully sleeping together in their bedroom. However, things take a hilarious turn when Lizelle attempts to cover Remo with a blanket, but he repeatedly refuses. As Lizelle’s frustration mounts, she playfully pushes Remo off the bed, leaving him momentarily startled.

Lizelle’s Comical Pillow Throw

Not stopping at just one playful push, Lizelle takes it a step further by throwing a pillow at Remo after he lands on the floor. Remo, seemingly unfazed, silently picks up the pillow and decides to leave the bedroom, leaving the viewers amused by the comical exchange between the couple. Adding to the overall effect, the video features Arijit Singh’s emotional song “O Bedardiya” as the background score, perfectly capturing the humor in Remo’s situation.

Hilarious Fan Reactions

Remo D’Souza’s fans couldn’t contain their laughter after watching the video. With a caption that humorously states, “When I get angry, this is what happens to me,” Remo invited his followers to share their reactions. The comments section flooded with hilarious responses from fans who found the couple’s antics absolutely entertaining.

One user commented, “You look less angry and more happy in the video.” Another user wrote, “Haha, you both are very funny. I can’t stop laughing.” A third user playfully remarked, “After watching all these videos, I don’t have the courage to get married.” The video received an overwhelming response, with fans appreciating the lighthearted nature of Remo and Lizelle’s relationship.

Remo D’Souza’s Journey in the Entertainment Industry

Aside from their amusing bedroom shenanigans, Remo D’Souza is renowned for his contributions to the Bollywood industry. Over the years, he has choreographed numerous chart-topping songs, displaying his exceptional talent and creativity. Furthermore, Remo has also ventured into directing films, with notable projects such as “ABCD,” “Street Dancer 3D,” “FALTU,” and Salman Khan’s blockbuster film “Race 3” to his credit. Additionally, Remo has been associated with various dance reality shows, further solidifying his position as a multifaceted artist.


Remo D’Souza’s recent Instagram video featuring his playful encounter with wife Lizelle has taken social media by storm. This light-hearted moment, where Lizelle pushes Remo off the bed and throws a pillow at him, has garnered immense attention and amused fans across the globe. Beyond this amusing incident, Remo’s talent as a choreographer and director continues to shine in the Bollywood industry. As fans eagerly await his next creative endeavor, they can always count on Remo to entertain them with his infectious energy and remarkable skill.

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