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Ravi kumar who’s popularly known as R Jogi has been ruling the music industry for a variety of reasons. But like we say, good things often see bad phases and this is exactly what happened with R Jogi.

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Jogi, who was born in an ordinary family in the Kangarur Village of District SBS Nagar, Punjab has suffered a lot in the early days. He had to face robbery from the travel agent who promised him the US visa appointments. He wanted to travel abroad for his betterment but he was looted and his all savings flew away. He tried his best but never got the money not the agent. He was devastated and broken. Even today, whenever he recalls the incident, we often see tears in his eyes.

Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar

But the man was determined, he never gave up. He took his time, but slowly he started developing his interest in musical instruments. It was tough earlier, but he started liking it. With his constant effort, his Uncle, Ustaad Lal Chand came forward and started teaching him about music. Ustaad Lal chand who’s a well known musician of the music industry who had already worked with big names likes , Amar Singh Chamkeela , Kuldeep Manak Parminder Sandhu , Jassi Gurdaspuria, Mohamnad Sadeek came forward and help Jogi in his learning’s.


Later, R Jogi started working as a talented musician where he met Music Director Jashan Badial. This duo helped Jogi to give his first independent song Charhat & Put Sarda de in the year 2007 which became a big hit and made him very popular. He found his path of success and slowly things started to turn his way. He was marching the success ladders which brought him to the United Kingdom where he performed and won everyone’s hits.

Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar

With time, he started showing his versatility and he delivered a lot of Sufi songs and stepped into the religious songs in the name of Kashi Walia in the year 2015. It became very popular and people loved his style of music. He delivered a full-fledged album THE PRIDE where one of its songs jive patta patte de naal tahani was applauded a lot and later it was sung by very popular Bollywood singer Guru Randhawa and master Salim Firoz khan where they share the stage with Jogi and Sang the song together. They even shared the stories in their social media accounts and later Jogi was acknowledged with a gold medal for delivering such a melodious tune.


Ravi Kumar, aka R jogi has literally turned his life on its own and made him a well-known personality of modern times.

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