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Mrigendra Bharti has now become officially verified on Instagram

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Mrigendra Bharti, the prolific music producer, writer, and director is now a verified account owner on Instagram, thanks to his unwavering efforts and dedication. Born on 29 June 2004 in South Delhi, India, Mrigendra Bharti is the proud owner of Mrigendra Bharti Group InfoTech India Co. Pvt Ltd and several other business ventures that he has successfully launched and managed. His ingenious ideas have led to the creation of numerous successful projects such as Croma Music Series Entertainment, Sellbrochure, Fauget Innovative and many more that have all contributed to the development of the music, writing, and tech industries. Mrigendra Bharti is an accomplished entrepreneur with a passion for bringing his creativity to life through his work, and his official verification on Instagram serves as a testament to his inspiring journey and success in the arts and business world.


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