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Hrithik Choudhary, a 18-year-old young Digital Marketer: Running 2 Companies and Helping Peoples to Be Employed

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In the digital era, startup business is on the boom. As Hrithik Choudhary understand digital industry and business power. He is a very young age boy who established 2 leading digital marketing company.

Everyone wants to start their own business, but main thing is to action taking capability, that’s make you a successful entrepreneur, and a middle class boy proved it.

Hrithik Choudhary understand the power of digital technology, so he started working on digital marketing industry and after getting expertise, he started a leading digital marketing company of india Naxus Global and also a educational platforms to help youngsters to boost up their skills WSIM (World School Of Internet Marketing)

Naxus global is a digital marketing agency and provides digital marketing services to businesses to grow their business with the help of digital platforms and they are working with more than 50 clients as of now. And WSIM is a digital marketing institute providing digital marketing training program to students, working professionals and business owners to help in learning digital technologies and marketing.

As we all know digital industry is the fastest growing sector and that’s why huge scope for todays generation to build a bright future in digital industry. Now a days, If we want to buy anything, we look online reviews, pricing and bought from amazon, flipkart and from other portals, so the main thing is we have to understand the power of digital technologies. Hrithik Choudhary understand all these things thats why he is growing. The entrepreneurial journey started by hrithik Choudhary has come a very long way from a normal freelancer to companies owner.

At the very young age, he’s helping many peoples even free of cost for learning new skills through personal mentoring to needy peoples program and also from Digital Shiksha youtube channel & Digital Shiksha website. Yea, obviously he is running website and youtube channel also and the main website is dminhindi for digital marketing blogs and also he is running more than 10 blog websites. So it will be very difficult to tell each and every stories of Hrithik Choudhary in this article because as per his statement, its just a starting, many more on the way.

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