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Introducing “कोरोना पर स्याही की गवाही” A Treat To Reader’s!!!

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Name Of The Book :- “Corona Par Syahi Ki Gawahi”

About The Book :-“Corona Par Syahi Ki Gawahi” Well this one is all about the life in covid of a middle class man in the deadly covid era it just tries to take readers on the roller coaster ride of life in covid I guess the writer just perfectly used his loved one’s and his personal experience too in making this book a success.

Author :- Harsh Sharma

About The Author :- Harsh Sharma the face behind all this is a guy from Moradabad Uttar Pradesh who is currently following his passion of writing poems other than that he is an Ex National player too and currently a medical student who is pursuing his studies from Moradabad.

Genre :- Poetry

Language :- Hindi

Publisher :- Writersgram

Plot :- Now let’s move towards the plot of this book. This book is a composition of 30 Poems, a complete treat for Poem lovers I guess!! If you notice carefully then you will find that all these poems are arranged in a manner in which covid has progressed in India or in other countries. To be honest I can’t say that it was the author’s well planned move or just god’s grace. Well that sequence looks a bit catchy to the readers. Now, these poems starting from  “Dastak ” The first poem of this book well “Dastak ” Has 18 to 20 lines in it and it just tries to portray the whole scenario in front of readers eye’s that how the picture actually seems from a middle class man’s point of view when the covid was not in India but yes the presence of covid can be feel by the movement and rush across India and in this poem author also mentioned about The Tongue War between Super Power America and The Mighty China. As you move forward than you will find second poem of this book “Janta Curfew”Now this is all about the PM’s request to the whole indians to stay in home for just one day that was on 22 March 2020 let’s move a bit forward and now talk about poem number three “lockdown ka udghodh” This one is all about the announcement of the very first Lockdown in India and what was the mental and physical state of a person in this lockdown and how they actually looking to survive this and how they are preparing themselves for the near future which can be much more lethal. Well if I keep revealing about the book than how will you read it because my personal thought is if ten person read the same poem than they will find ten different versions of the same poem now that’s the beauty of this art now let’s talk about the last poem of this book ” Intezaar” In this Author is talking about how everyone is eagerly waiting for things to get back normal . That’s all about the plot of  “Corona Par Syahi Ki Gawahi”

Review :- To be honest I’m not a big fan of poems and all but this book somehow manages me to hold on to it and read it thoroughly. This may be because of the writer’s vocabulary , the topic he chooses,the way he portrays the whole scenario and especially the title is just perfect . As far as ratings as concern I’m going to give it 4.2 stars out of 5 because I’m not a die heart poem lover and apart from that I sometimes feel that Author is just too much straight forward on some topics he didn’t even hesitate to talk about the Government’s loop hole in handling covid and I don’t think so he didn’t even think of a second while writing about people’s hoarding necessary goods and oxygen cylinder. As far as recommendations are concerned, I will just recommend this book to readers of this article. You can find this book on Amazon, just by tapping the link and on Google Play Books too just search and yes you will find it .


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