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Exciting Collaboration Unveiled: Director Akash Sarkar and Education Luminary Priyanka Mitra Join Forces for ‘Bong House’ Cafe in Salt Lake

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In a groundbreaking announcement that fuses the worlds of entertainment and education, acclaimed film director Akash Sarkar and Priyanka Mitra, an educator have revealed their plans to embark on an innovative venture. The dynamic duo is set to introduce ‘Bong House,’ an open-air cafeteria located in the vibrant hub of Salt Lake, Kolkata.

From the hearts and minds of these visionaries, ‘Bong House’ is destined to be a haven for both food enthusiasts and intellectual explorers. Akash Sarkar and Priyanka Mitra aim to create a haven where guests can immerse themselves in enriching conversations over cups of assorted coffees and a diverse array of culinary delights.

Mr. Sarkar and Ms. Mitra shared their vision for ‘Bong House,’ stating, “We believe in the power of ideas, and ‘Bong House’ will be a platform where these ideas can flourish. Every visit to ‘Bong House’ will be an eventful experience, a delightful fusion of intellect and gastronomy.”

This innovative endeavor has already garnered substantial support from a network of close-knit benefactors who are providing invaluable guidance to bring ‘Bong House’ to life. With the combined expertise and creative energy of Priyanka Mitra and Akash Sarkar, the project is poised to break new ground and become a cornerstone of cultural enrichment in Salt Lake.

The ‘Bong House’ venture is not merely a cafe; it is a revolutionary concept that transcends conventional boundaries, designed to cater to the intellectual curiosity and culinary cravings of patrons. As it takes shape in Salt Lake, ‘Bong House’ promises to be a vibrant melting pot of ideas and flavors, a place where visitors can engage in unforgettable conversations while indulging in exquisite food.

The countdown has begun, and all eyes are on ‘Bong House,’ eagerly awaiting its grand opening. The collaboration between Director Akash Sarkar and educationist Priyanka Mitra is set to redefine the very essence of dining, transforming it into a captivating journey of discovery and delight. Stay tuned for more updates as ‘Bong House’ becomes a reality, promising an experience like no other.

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Let’s take the brew of the real Bong!

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