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E-Rickshaw in Delhi: Action to be Taken Against Over 50,000 E-Rickshaw Drivers, Know the Reason

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Action will now be taken against over 50,000 E-Rickshaw drivers in Delhi who are operating illegally. The Transport Department has stated that E-Rickshaw drivers who have not registered with the department or obtained the required Fitness Certificate will now face enforcement actions. It should be noted that according to the Transport Department, in several areas of Delhi, more than 50,000 E-Rickshaw drivers are operating on the roads without the required fitness certificates.


E-Rickshaws have become a popular mode of transport in Delhi, offering a convenient and eco-friendly alternative for short-distance travel. However, the lack of clear guidelines and regulations has resulted in a significant number of E-Rickshaw drivers operating illegally. To address this issue and ensure the safety and compliance of E-Rickshaw operations, the Transport Department of the Delhi government has taken decisive action against these drivers.

The Need for Enforcement

Initially, there were no clear guidelines or registration process in place for E-Rickshaws in Delhi. This lack of regulation allowed unregistered drivers to freely operate without adhering to any specific standards. However, recognizing the need for oversight, the government introduced guidelines mandating the registration of E-Rickshaws and prohibiting the sale of unregistered vehicles by dealers and companies.

Delhi High Court’s Guidelines

Recognizing the importance of regulating E-Rickshaw operations, the Delhi High Court issued guidelines aimed at ensuring the safety and legality of these vehicles. The High Court emphasized that E-Rickshaw drivers must possess a valid driving license and mandated the registration and insurance of E-Rickshaws. These measures were put in place to safeguard passengers and ensure responsible and accountable operation of E-Rickshaws.

Central Government’s Affidavit

In support of the High Court’s guidelines, the Central Government filed an affidavit seeking amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act. The government also submitted new guidelines specifically tailored to operating E-Rickshaws in Delhi. These guidelines set specific restrictions on E-Rickshaws, including a power capacity limit, speed restrictions, and passenger limits. The court further emphasized the importance of strict compliance with these regulations.

Transport Department’s Action

Despite the implementation of guidelines and regulations, complaints regarding E-Rickshaws continued to surface from various areas of Delhi. To address this persistent issue, the Transport Department has now taken proactive steps to enforce compliance among E-Rickshaw drivers. Any driver caught operating without the required registration or fitness certificates will face enforcement actions.

Impact of Enforcement Actions

The enforcement actions against over 50,000 illegal E-Rickshaw drivers in Delhi will have significant implications for the city’s transportation landscape. Firstly, it will enhance passenger safety by ensuring that all E-Rickshaw drivers meet the necessary requirements and adhere to the established guidelines. Secondly, it will level the playing field for registered drivers who have followed the proper procedures and obtained the required certifications. Additionally, the enforcement actions will contribute to the overall orderliness and organization of E-Rickshaw operations in Delhi.


  1. Why are over 50,000 E-Rickshaw drivers in Delhi facing enforcement actions?
    Over 50,000 E-Rickshaw drivers in Delhi are facing enforcement actions because they have not registered with the Transport Department or obtained the necessary Fitness Certificate, rendering their operations illegal.
  2. What were the guidelines issued by the Delhi High Court for E-Rickshaw drivers?
    The Delhi High Court mandated that E-Rickshaw drivers must possess a valid driving license, and their vehicles must be registered and insured. These guidelines aim to ensure the safety and legality of E-Rickshaw operations
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