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Dr. Aakriti Sharma Kohli: A Dynamic Persona in the World of Opera, Mrs. India International, and Literature

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Dr. Aakriti Sharma Kohli is a remarkable individual who has made significant contributions to various fields, including opera, beauty pageants, literature, and empowerment. As an accomplished author and member of the renowned Femime Boss Forum, Dr. Kohli has showcased her talent and expertise through e-books published under her company, “The Princy World.” Covering an array of genres, including healing, spirituality, beauty pageants, fiction, political discourse, and even satire on sports, Dr. Kohli’s work reflects her versatility and deep understanding of diverse topics. In this article, we explore the inspiring journey of Dr. Aakriti Sharma Kohli and her impactful contributions across multiple domains.

Opera and Mrs. India International:

Dr. Aakriti Sharma Kohli’s passion for opera has propelled her to great heights in the musical world. With her exceptional vocal abilities and captivating stage presence, she has enthralled audiences with mesmerizing performances. Her talent as an opera singer has allowed her to leave an indelible mark on prestigious stages, showcasing her dedication and love for this expressive art form.

In addition to her accomplishments in opera, Dr. Kohli has also achieved the prestigious title of Mrs. India International. Representing India on the global stage, she has embodied grace, confidence, and the spirit of womanhood. Through her participation in beauty pageants, she promotes empowerment, individuality, and the celebration of beauty in all its forms.

The Author: The Princy World:

Dr. Aakriti Sharma Kohli’s literary endeavors have been widely appreciated through her company, “The Princy World,” where she publishes thought-provoking e-books. Let’s explore the diverse genres she has delved into:

Healing and Spirituality: Dr. Kohli’s e-books on healing and spirituality provide readers with insightful guidance and perspectives on holistic well-being. Drawing from her own experiences and research, she offers readers practical tools for personal growth and spiritual development, encouraging them to embrace a balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

Beauty Pageants: Leveraging her personal journey in the world of beauty pageants, Dr. Kohli shares her knowledge and expertise through e-books that delve into the intricacies of pageantry. These books serve as a guide for aspiring contestants, offering valuable insights into the preparation, challenges, and triumphs associated with participating in beauty pageants.

Fiction: Dr. Aakriti Sharma Kohli’s imaginative storytelling abilities shine through her fiction e-books. With captivating narratives, she takes readers on engaging journeys filled with intrigue, emotion, and memorable characters, providing them with a captivating escape into the world of imagination.

Political Discourse: Dr. Kohli’s e-books on political discourse offer a unique perspective and insightful analysis of various political topics. Through her works, she encourages readers to delve deeper into political issues, fostering meaningful discussions and promoting critical thinking.

Satire on Sports and Topics of All Walks of Life: Dr. Aakriti Sharma Kohli injects humor and wit into her e-books by incorporating satire into sports and various aspects of life. These works offer a lighthearted perspective, providing readers with an entertaining yet thought-provoking take on the subject matter.


Dr. Aakriti Sharma Kohli is a dynamic individual who has made significant contributions in the realms of opera, beauty pageants, literature, and empowerment. As an author, she has explored a wide range of genres, including healing, spirituality, beauty pageants, fiction, political discourse, and satire on sports and diverse topics. Through her e-books published

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