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Dharavi Bank actor Suniel Shetty: ‘OTT offers you that area to be capable to play your age’

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Suniel Shetty is raring to make a full-fledged appearing comeback. However, this time he is aware of the sort of work he desires to do. Suniel kicks off any other innings with his first internet series, Dharavi Bank, in which he performs Thalaivan, a powerful, ruthless kingpin of India’s greatest slum—Dharavi.


In this interview with indianexpress.com, Suniel, who was once cherished for his mass attraction and motion sequences in the 90s and 2000s, opens up about embracing his age and how he left at the back of the dejection that accompanied him after his videos commenced to flop and he stopped getting performing offers.

It is the equal however the expectations are greater this time. Since it is OTT, there is extra layering. There are extra rehearsals for a higher grasp of the script. It is extra difficult, as the target market expects a top notch performance. Then there had been desirable actors now there are top notch actors as Genius from all throughout the u . s . a . is coming in and delivering. So, you want to have the aspect and be higher prepared.


You took it for granted earlier. There had been instances when scenes had been no longer prepared and they’d be given to us on the set. Today we are given a sure script. It is absolutely professional. Your look, colour, what is anticipated out of you is defined to you plenty before you begin shooting. It is exciting.

I selected some thing like Dharavi Bank due to the fact I knew it is a mass play. MX Player is a mass participant with 30-40 million downloads. So, if I can attain there with this, I suppose it will be simpler for me to come and set myself up. Fortunately, Dharavi Bank has bought the response that I should have solely dreamt of. It has been cherished and there’s greater affection pouring in. I’m blissful people have appreciated my look.

Every Friday matters change. The sort of smartphone calls that come in, human beings who attempt to make connections, the whole lot changes. I’m now now not taking something for granted. I’m making certain of it. I be aware of my age and I comprehend what to do and how to do it. I’m going via the entirety with a magnifying glass. I’m doing what I’m going to revel in doing. I am doing it with a accurate bunch of actors who assist elevate the whole burden of the show. I’m searching for exceptional characters and I’m no longer always searching to play hero or superhero. I’m very conscious of myself and the work I favor to do, not like how it was once earlier.

Everything is exceptional on OTT and no one judges you. You’re judged solely for your work. You’re as new as the platform and the content material it has. Out of the 30 million people, even if 10% of them watch it, that is a large window. It takes rarely a million for a movie to work, so, if they see and respect my work then nothing like it. It is a stunning platform. There are no Friday jitters, no opposition with every other movie releasing on the identical day. No issues about weekend acchha nahi raha toh movie utaar denge, acchhi filmon ko bhi utaar dete hai. So, it is a a ways safer vicinity to be. If your motion pictures are working right here and if work continues coming your way, you can then pick what you favor to do.

It used to be hard initially. But then you recognize that it is now not what all my existence is about. Why did this happen? It probable passed off due to the fact I didn’t focal point on my work and didn’t provide the target market what they wanted. If I determine nowadays what I desire to do, then I’m clever sufficient to select the proper variety of work and say no to work (that I don’t desire to do). Today I don’t want work to make certain that my household is fed. I want to do it to develop as an actor and an individual. I want to be in a joyful space. My household have to be proud about the form of work I’m doing. My children must speak about my work and recognize what I do. I’m now in a stunning space. You lose some however you achieve a lot more. I had 4 stunning years with my father earlier than he exceeded away. I’d by no means get to do that via working 365 days, 24 hours of the day. Maybe this (break) came about for this (to spend time with his father) to happen. And after his passing, now this (the comeback) is happening, so it is great. I have a outstanding family. I’m very cozy with the way matters are going on proper now.

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