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Bharatpur Cyber Fraud: Deceptive Web of Fraudsters in Eastern Rajasthan

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The cases of cyber fraud in Bharatpur district, located near the Haryana border in eastern Rajasthan, have garnered widespread attention. This region, known as Mevat, situated on the border of Rajasthan and Haryana, has become a hub for fraudulent activities. Fraudsters operating from small huts in slums target affluent individuals residing in luxurious bungalows and palaces. Despite the efforts of law enforcement agencies, their network remains intact, and their activities continue to thrive. This article sheds light on the cyber fraud scenario in Bharatpur, the tactics employed by fraudsters, the extent of their influence, and the measures taken to curb their activities.

The Cunning Strategies of Cyber Fraudsters

Fraudsters operating from Mevat, Bharatpur, employ various deceptive strategies to defraud their victims. They resort to posting fake advertisements on popular online platforms like OLX, enticing unsuspecting individuals into their web of deceit. Moreover, these fraudsters impersonate high-ranking army officers, ensnaring people into their scams. Their targets often include influential politicians and government officials. Once trapped, the fraudsters blackmail their victims and engage in fraudulent activities. In cases where the victims refuse to comply, the fraudsters resort to the despicable act of viralizing explicit videos on social media, pushing some victims to even contemplate taking their own lives.

Preying on Legislators and Officials

The audacity of these cyber fraudsters knows no bounds, as they have successfully ensnared legislators from Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, along with several officials, in their scams. These fraudsters, operating from their humble huts in Mevat, execute these fraudulent incidents to fulfill their own desires. They lure unsuspecting individuals into their traps while residing in slums, only to indulge in a life of luxury themselves, driving expensive cars and using high-end mobile phones. These criminals have even constructed lavish bungalows outside the Mevat region, where they lead a life of opulence.

Targeting Entire Villages for Fraud

The extent of the cyber fraud problem in Bharatpur is further exemplified by the fact that entire villages have become targets of these fraudsters. Deputy SP Anita Meena, in charge of the cyber police station, has discovered that even small children are involved in online fraud. Villages in the Nagar, Sikri, Kathwada, and Juhraha police station areas have reported numerous incidents of fraud. The fraudulent activities in Mevat began nearly three decades ago when individuals sought training in fraud cases in Jamtara, Chhattisgarh. Since then, Mevat has become the largest hub for cyber fraud, with even young children proficient in these illegal activities. They form groups and execute fraudulent schemes from a central location, often attracting unsuspecting individuals to Mevat through fake advertisements on platforms like OLX. Once lured, the victims are subjected to robbery and assault before the fraudsters make their swift getaway.

Combating the Cyber Fraud Epidemic

Law enforcement agencies from various states collaborate with the local police in Bharatpur to combat the rampant cyber fraud prevalent in the region. Almost every day, police personnel from other states arrive to assist in operations aimed at apprehending these fraudsters and taking them into custody. The local police have also taken decisive action, resulting in the arrest of hundreds of fraudsters to date. Efforts are being made to curb their activities and dismantle their networks, but the fight against cyber fraud remains an ongoing battle.

FAQs about Bharatpur Cyber Fraud

  1. What is the Bharatpur Cyber Fraud?
    The Bharatpur Cyber Fraud refers to a series of fraudulent activities conducted by a network of cyber criminals in the Bharatpur

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