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‘Akshay Kumar’s spouse had troubles with Priyanka Chopra’: Suneel Darshan recollects Barsaat fiasco that led to Akshay losing out

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Filmmaker Suneel Darshan, who had a lengthy and profitable expert relationship with actor Akshay Kumar in the 90s, recalled how the actor dropped out of his manufacturing Barsaat at the eleventh hour, after his wife, Twinkle Khanna, allegedly forbid him to work with Priyanka Chopra. Suneel stated that he used to be left in the lurch after Akshay dropped out of the film, which he proceeded to make with Bobby Deol instead.


In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Suneel stated that actors shouldn’t let their private lives intrude with work, and that they should be organized for occupational hazards. He additionally recommended that Twinkle may have been misinformed, and that she have to have in all likelihood no longer taken the scenario as ‘seriously’ as she did.

“Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra have been a very excellent pair, very comparable in phrases of their non-public traits,” he said, recalling that they had shot a music for Barsaat collectively and had been on the verge of capturing the movie when Akshay backed out. “They had exceptional chemistry. I idea the track appeared beautiful; no vulgarity, no obscenity, very sensuous. Then Priyanka went for a world tour, and when she got here back… I don’t understand what passed off in between…”

He stated that Akshay requested to meet him, and that they met up on the units of his movie Waqt, the place Akshay instructed him that he used to be having some troubles with his dates. Suneel continued, “By then, I had additionally bought to comprehend of the different troubles that had come up between him and his wife. She had problems with Priyanka, I used to be told… I sense the occupation has its personal hazards. Sometimes, the proximity, from time to time the individual’s very own lifestyles, all these matters come in the way and the media blows it out of proportion, except realising how a good deal loss a filmmaker ought to go through due to the fact of…”

Suneel continued, “Personal troubles ought to in no way come in the way of creativity. And coming from human beings who’ve been in the movie industry, they’ve viewed the hazards, they comprehend what happens. Personally, I sense the spouse could’ve been wrongly insinuated, due to the fact she herself has been an actress. She’s achieved videos with Shah Rukh Khan, with Salman Khan, with Aamir Khan, with Ajay Devgn… If she’s completed so plenty work, she have to apprehend that human beings shouldn’t take it so seriously.”


He stated that actors backing out of tasks is frequent in the movie industry, however he didn’t anticipate Akshay to returned out, specifically after having developed the relationship with every different that they did. “I’m now not claiming some thing from him, I assume it’s very less costly to claim, however I thinking there was once a positive feel of duty he owed…” He stated that Priyanka by no means added it up with him, and that Akshay was once high-quality with returning to work with him on his subsequent film, Dosti, however that used to be the cease of their expert and non-public trip together.

Akshay is amongst the highest-paid actors in the country, in spite of having skilled a hard patch this year. Priyanka, on the different hand, has efficaciously set up herself in Hollywood.

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