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5 Reasons You Need Employee Transport Management Software

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Hi, I am John Doe, the owner of a tech company. I provide my employees with free office commutes daily or ad-hoc. My transport vendor shares monthly trip details and sheets, and I pay as per what is printed on them.

For entrepreneurs like John Doe, who provide their employees with free office commutes, employee transport management software can work wonders!

What is Employee Transport Management Software?

It is a technology based solution that completely automates your employees’ transport management system to and from the office. It also  lets them book cabs and shuttles based on when they need to be there.

This tool also lets transportation managers and team leaders book cabs and shuttles for employees who regularly commute to the office.

The employee transport management software app schedules employee transport. Through this app, they can also set routes, track vehicles, automate billing and generate usage reports whenever they need.

5 Reasons You Need Employee Transport Management Software

Here are five reasons you should invest in employee transport management software.

1. Ensures Load and Route Optimization

Employee transport management software provides transport managers with valuable insights into vehicle usage. Perhaps they have been overbooking cabs and shuttles when there needs to be more passenger load or vice versa.

Specific employee transport management software, like MoveInSync, is sophisticated enough to automate routing. The application’s interface makes routes based on zones. The drivers don’t have to drive far for a pickup only to find that another company cab is nearby.

Your employee commute ecosystem works best when self-scheduling and automated routing are used. Companies only pay for what their employees use, which increases employee satisfaction. The transparency of this digital tool makes sure that no money is stolen.

2. Ensures Employee Safety

An employee transport management software equips your transport manager or anybody using the mobile app with live tracking of vehicles and employees. This real-time user friendly inter connection significantly boosts employee safety.

There are also emergency panic buttons and a special control for women who are traveling alone on the employee transportation solution dashboards. This makes sure that employees get help right away, especially women who travel to and from work at odd hours.

Geofencing is one of the features of digital employee commute tools like MoveInSync. It also sounds an alarm if a cab or shuttle breaks a geo-fence or goes on a route that hasn’t been mapped out.

3. Communicates Delays and Cancellations

A feature-rich employee transport management software will include proximity SMSs and last-mile. The first one tells the employee how far away their cab is from where they need to be picked up. This commute experience feature works even if the employee’s smartphone doesn’t have internet. Last-mile communication helps taxi drivers drop points at their offices as close as possible.

Employees are instantly informed of delays and cancellations through employee transport management software. This helps them rebook transportation quickly and reach the office hassle free. 

4. Automates Billing

An employee transport management software can automate billing. This makes the entire system of sending and receiving payments transparent and seamless. No bills are signed and titled at the end of every month, and no conflicts arise in money matters.

When it comes to billing and invoicing, the fleet manager and your transport manager are always on the same page. This digital tool also makes reports based on how employees use it, how much vendors charge, how many taxis are booked, and so on.

5. Maintain Schedule and Boost Employee Satisfaction

Cabs and shuttles that are always being watched and sent on the most efficient routes. It ensures that everyone gets to work on time. This makes employees not only happier, but also better at their jobs.

With the help of employee transportation service, you have all your workers reaching the office at the  right time.

Parting Thoughts

If you realize the many spoken and unspoken benefits of employee transport management software and are looking for one, try WorkInSync. This effective app has an end-to-end SaaS platform that automates the way employees get to and from work.

From self-scheduling and automated routing to more than 800 billing configurations and a central security dashboard.

MoveInSync is a comprehensive and feature-rich employee mobility solution at pocket-friendly prices. To know more, request a free demo today!

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